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Social Alchemix Game
Social Alchemix Game
Social Alchemix Game
Social Alchemix Game


Social Alchemix Game


Party hearty

Developed from the world of improv and immersive theatre, Social Alchemix is an alchemically rooted conversational card game that transforms any game night, social gathering, family get-together and party from the mundane into pure philosopher’s gold.  

Game includes cards, timer and instructional booklet.  The alchemical deck is divided into the suits of heavenly principles, ancient metals and poison, and the object deck is divided into suits of perception, nature, accomplishment and tools.  The various combinations of alchemical symbols and object cards create connections to deep and fun questions that transcend the small talk for the good stuff.  

  • Beautiful minimal design
  • Alchemical deck
  • Object deck
  • Timer
  • Instruction and question booklets