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Tarot Readings

Species by the Thousands will now be offering in-person tarot readings once again! Using intuition and the tools of the Tarot, our readers are here to help guide our clients to find deeper meaning and further insight into their present journeys.


Scheduling a Reading:

To book an appointment visit our reading calendar. All appointments must be prepaid at the time of booking. The readings are non-refundable but can be rescheduled with a 48 hour notice. Our walk-ins are available on Saturdays as time allows, please call the shop at (718) 599-0049 or visit us in person on the day-of to check availability. (PS: Those receiving readings will also get 10% off in-store on the day of their appointments!!)

About Our Readers:


Virgo Sun ⍿ Leo Moon ⍿ Scorpio Rising   (They/Them)
Katie writes freelance in Brooklyn by way of the Pacific Northwest. After years of personal practice, Katie has become a vocal advocate of tarot as a powerful tool for self-discovery and achieving long term goals. Their reading style primarily focuses on what energies are present in a seeker's life, which energies may be blocking their personal growth, and how to harness them for success. They are especially happy to read for fellow members of the LGBT+ community.

$60/half hour, $80/hour

Available in shop on Saturdays by appointment or walk-ins when available. For appointments outside of Saturday, please contact Katie directly here.


Gemini Sun ⍿ Leo Moon ⍿ Aquarius Rising
E.M is a tarot reader originally from the New England area and now resides in Queens. She considers herself an eclectic witch with heavy influences in hermeticism, root work, numerology, and astrology. Her main goal with reading tarot is to empower and creating a safe space for the querent. Her style of tarot consultation makes use of different tarot & oracle decks, numerology, astrology, and having an open dialog about the topics at hand. After her tarot consultations, E.M likes to provide candle and crystal recommendations for the querent. 
E.M’s first connections with her intuition came through dream work and precognitive dreams as a child. Her ability to get messages from spirit through dreams is what sparked her interest in discovering different methods of divination and connecting with her ancestral roots in Latin America.

$60/half hour, $80/hour

Available in shop on Sundays by appointment or walk-ins when available. For appointments outside of Sunday, please contact E.M directly here.

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