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Releasing Spell Kit

Releasing Spell Kit


Use this Releasing Spell to help release negativity and bring positive energy into your life.

Spray the White Sage Clearing Spray around the room. Light the sage and the candle. While the candle burns hold the salt crystal and visualize negative energy being absorbed by the crystal. Imagine yourself in a pyramid of white light.

The Kit Contains
— White Sage Clearing Spray (1oz / 59ml)
— Sprig of White Sage
— White Chime Candle with Ceramic Candle Holder
— Himalayan Pink Salt Crystal

    White Sage Clearing Spray ingredients
    — distilled water
    — grain alcohol
    — clary sage essential oil
    — white sage essential oil
    — palo santo essential oil
    — sweet grass hydrosol

    Additional details
    — Handmade in our Brooklyn, NY shop / studio
    — Makes a great gift!