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Dermo Suavina Original Lip Balm

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Dermo Suavina Original Lip Balm


Lip service.

Lip balm formulated with natural ingredients and SPF 15, for softening, hydrating and protecting lips.  The original formulation has been made by Suavino for the past 130 years.  With a pleasant citrus and menthol aroma, it provides soft, fresh coverage on its own and also makes a great primer before lipstick. 

  • Helianthus, made with sunflower oil, provides high emollient power and protects the lips from excess dryness, cold, wind and sun
  • Olea is infused with the with antioxidant and anti-pollution benefits of 100% Mediterranean-origin olive oil
  • Prunus dulcis (almond oil) offers nourishing coverage and high hydration
  • Complete ingredients:  petrolatum, parfum, menthol, limonene, linalool, citronellol, geraniol, benzyl cinnamate, citral, benzyl benzoate, cinnamyl alcohol, benzyl alcohol
  • 10mL 
  • Made in Spain